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Can I Discharge a Deficiency Judgment In Bankruptcy?

Can I Discharge a Deficiency Judgment In Bankruptcy?

Can a car company sue me even if the car was voluntarily surrendered? Unfortunately for Danny C from Brooklyn the answer is yes. A creditor can pursue a deficiency judgment.

Danny, his wife and their four year old son live in Brooklyn. A few years earlier he attempted to help his brother by financing a car for him. Although he never drove the car, the title and the loan were under his name. You know what they say, “A good deed never goes unpunished”. Danny’s brother could not make the payments and he voluntarily surrendered the car. Soon the car company was asking Danny for deficiency. The aggressive tone and the frequency of the collection calls started to increase. Danny needed help.

He tried to contact the car company and work out a deal. They couldn't tell him when the car was sold or how much they received for the car. They wanted their money and they wanted it now!

Will I Get Fired If I File For Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy DiscriminationAs a single woman living in Ozone Park, Queens, Jocelyn M. was petrified that if she filed for Bankruptcy everyone she knew would find out. The fear of public embarrassment prevented her from addressing her credit card problems. The amount of collection calls steadily increased and so did her anxiety. Desperate for a cheap way to address her credit card bills she investigated how Bankruptcy could improve her situation.


Jocelyn met with the attorney at Doyaga & Schaefer who assured her that it was her legal right to seek a discharge in Bankruptcy and that it was illegal for an employer to discriminate against her. In real life terms she was comforted by the reality that the fresh start bankruptcy provides is looked at far more positively than large unpaid bills and aggressive creditor lawsuits. It all made sense to Jocelyn, a debt free life is nothing to be embarrassed about.


Jocelyn received her discharge. Her employer of 2 years never found out she filed for Bankruptcy. But even if he did Jocelyn was now confident that he would agree that people, especially a trusted hard working employee deserves a second chance.

We All Need Help When We Are Sick

We All Need Help When We Are Sick

Barbara G. and her husband were retired for 12 years and happily living in Jamaica, Queens when they received the worst news of their lives, Barbara was diagnosed with Cancer. There were dedicated to beat the disease the same way they approached every other problem in their lives, together.

Living on income from pensions and social security what they did not count on was the extremely high costs of prescription drugs and doctors bills. As her treatments continued and new medical hurdles arose, their credit card bills started to mount. They were using their credit cards to pay for medical expenses because they simply had no choice.

I Was Summoned To Appear In Bankruptcy Court!

i was summoned to appear in courtAll of the usual debt buyers, like AFFIL, LVNV and Midland Funding were coming after Warren G from Selden (11784). They hired aggressive attorneys, like Cohen & Slamowitz and Rubin & Rothman, and he was served with a summons & complaint. Not knowing what to do his anger started to get the best of him.

Calvary Portfolio Services?

Calvary Portfolio Service

Sophia M. came home to her house in College Point Queens, New York one day to find a piece of paper stuffed in her door. It was a collection action, actually a summons & complaint, on behalf of a company called Cavalry Portfolio Services. Sophia's heart dropped. Who is Cavalry Portfolio Services and why are they starting a lawsuit? She nor her husband Bobby ever had a credit card with a company with that name. How could she find out who they are? Sophia read the complaint and apparently Cavalrt Portfolio Services bought the debt from one of her creditors. So upset she waited for Bobby to get home from work so they could discuss their options. 
Sohpia & Bobby decided they needed to pick a bankruptcy attorney. They heard about the attorneys at Doyaga & Schaefer and needed to find out what their options were when it came to Cavalry Portfolio Services. Quite honestly Cavalry Portfolio Services was only one of their problems. After raising four children and getting laid off a few times Sophia & Bobby amassed $92,746.96 in debt. They desperately hoped the bankruptcy attorneys would help them with a Chapter 7. 

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