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When Two Jobs Aren't Enough

Big Apple BankruptcyElizabeth N. lives in Hicksville, Long Island and made a career out of helping people as a home health aide and a baby sitter. If working two jobs wasn't enough the divorced mother of three raised her beautiful children in Nassau County. Elizabeth sacrificed a lot for her kids and worked hard but after some bad luck she found herself $64,000 in credit card debt and at the mercy of aggressive creditor calls. 

She harbored the familiar natural fears about the idea of filing for bankruptcy, public embarrasment and loss of credit. But when Chapter 7 wiped away her debt and ended collection actions by the likes of Cohen & Slamowitz, Hann Financial Services and LVNV Funding, Elizabeth exclaimed, "Filing bankruptcy was the best decision I ever made." 

The staff at Doyaga & Schaefer were happy to help Elizabeth put this tough time in her life behind her. The first step in any bankruptcy is coming to the conclusion that you can't pay the debt back no matter how hard you work. The next step is finding a caring and compassionate bankruptcy law firm to help you navigate the emotional and legal path to a debt free life. 


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