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What Do I Do If My Creditors Refuse to Work With Me?

Working with creditos and bankruptcyBarry W. is a single guy living in Holbrook, Long Island and working as an ambulette driver. He is the perfect example of how credit card debt can creep up on you and become unmanageable before you know it. Most people cannot understand how one day you can handle your bills and then it only takes a minor misstep for the debt and interest to pile up. Barry immediately reached out to every one of his credit card companies and asked for their help. He was shocked- -they simply refused to cooperate. 

Feeling helpless and at the mercy of the credit card companies he wanted to learn how to file a bankruptcy in Suffolk County. That is when a friend of his told him that Doyaga & Schaefer were the best bankruptcy attorneys in Suffolk County. Barry saw advertisements for Jacoby & Jacoby but elected to hire Doyaga & Schaefer because "They took care of everything in a relaxed and professional atmosphere, I loved that they explained everything in detail." 

Doyaga & Schaefer offers very flexible payment plans and had a system in place to limit his trips to their office. Barry did not want to miss time from work for unnecessary trips to his bankruptcy attorneys office. At Doyaga & Schafer he had a personal team of a lawyer and two paralegals who guided him through the process mostly from the comfort of his home. 

Barry W. filed a Chapter 7 and succesfully discharged $22,343.57 in credit card debt. Bankruptcy is an emotional decision, but in the end he said "In a way I taught the big guys (credit card companies) a lesson that you can only push around the little guys for so long." Doyaga & Schaefer helped push back. 

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