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We All Need Help When We Are Sick

We All Need Help When We Are Sick

Barbara G. and her husband were retired for 12 years and happily living in Jamaica, Queens when they received the worst news of their lives, Barbara was diagnosed with Cancer. There were dedicated to beat the disease the same way they approached every other problem in their lives, together.

Living on income from pensions and social security what they did not count on was the extremely high costs of prescription drugs and doctors bills. As her treatments continued and new medical hurdles arose, their credit card bills started to mount. They were using their credit cards to pay for medical expenses because they simply had no choice.

Feeling “very small” and worried about losing their home and “loss of credit” Barbara began to search for a Bankruptcy Attorney in zip code 11434 of Queens. When she found Doyaga & Schaefer and she soon began to breathe again. Open six days a week and with flexible hours, she found the perfect attorney for her situation.

Bankruptcy can’t cure physical illness but it does cure financial problems and allows you to focus on what is most important, your health. Barbara was able to wipe away all her credit card debt and remain in her house. Barbara and her husband are still concerned about her health but with the help of Doyaga & Schaefer they benefited from the powerful bankruptcy laws and now are free to decide if staying in Jamaica or moving in with relatives would be better for her health. The best part is that she stays in touch with the staff at Doyaga & Schafer who cares about her personally, and helped her financially.  



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