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I Was Summoned To Appear In Bankruptcy Court!

i was summoned to appear in courtAll of the usual debt buyers, like AFFIL, LVNV and Midland Funding were coming after Warren G from Selden (11784). They hired aggressive attorneys, like Cohen & Slamowitz and Rubin & Rothman, and he was served with a summons & complaint. Not knowing what to do his anger started to get the best of him. With fast approaching deadlines to answer Warren started to investigate whether bankruptcy was the best thing to do.

In his mind, bankruptcy wasn’t for guys like him. After all he was working on Long Island and making $63,000 per year. He was a professional. bankruptcy was the last thing on his mind. However when he sat down for his free consultation, Doyaga & Schaefer took into consideration the entire picture. Yes, Warren G. enjoyed a great salary. However, he supported his son and 77 year old mother. The Attorneys at Doyaga & Schaefer reviewed Warren’s priorities with him and suggested that his family and planning for retirement were more important than old credit card debt. Together they considered his credit score and the continual damage stemming from the collection actions and all that made the decision to file bankruptcy, the right choice.

Warren is a professional. Filing for Chapter 7 to protect himself from creditors didn’t change that. In fact, it helped. With all the stress of the lawsuits behind him, Warren was able to focus on re-building his credit and for the first time in a long time save money. 





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