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How Can I Save My Apartment?

BIg Apple BankruptcyRosalyn T. and her husband lived on the upper east side for over 30 years. They called home a beautiful apartment in one of the world's most expensive zip codes, 10028 which was subject to New York City rent controlled laws! When she consulted with Doyaga & Schaefer about filing for bankruptcy she only wanted to know one thing, could her landlord use bankruptcy to kick her out of her apartment. Thankfully, the answer was no. 

But frist, a word of caution: you must consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney to confirm what assets you can exempt or protect, including rent controlled apartments. As a board certified bankruptcy attorney, David Doyaga understood how to protect Rosalyn's apartment. The fact is that rent controlled apartments are a sellable asset. Many Chapter 7 Trustees are using the bankruptcy filing to sell the lease back to an eager landlord. Many factors like co-ownership can help rent controlled tenants save their home. 

Not only was Rosalyn able to protect her apartment, but Doyaga & Schaefer used federal exemptions to allow her to keep $8,000 in an anticipated tax refund, all four of her bank accounts and her antique dealership. Bankruptcy was the only way Rosalyn was able to alleviate her anixety about her apartment and not being able to pay her bills, while still keeping the assets she worked so hard to accumulate. 

Many people think the bankruptcy court sells off all your personal belongings and so did Rosalyn, rather than believe the rumors and stories from friends she took advantage of the free consultation at Doyaga & Schaefer and met the attorneys who helped regain her life and dignity. 

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