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Calvary Portfolio Services?

Calvary Portfolio Service

Sophia M. came home to her house in College Point Queens, New York one day to find a piece of paper stuffed in her door. It was a collection action, actually a summons & complaint, on behalf of a company called Cavalry Portfolio Services. Sophia's heart dropped. Who is Cavalry Portfolio Services and why are they starting a lawsuit? She nor her husband Bobby ever had a credit card with a company with that name. How could she find out who they are? Sophia read the complaint and apparently Cavalrt Portfolio Services bought the debt from one of her creditors. So upset she waited for Bobby to get home from work so they could discuss their options. 
Sohpia & Bobby decided they needed to pick a bankruptcy attorney. They heard about the attorneys at Doyaga & Schaefer and needed to find out what their options were when it came to Cavalry Portfolio Services. Quite honestly Cavalry Portfolio Services was only one of their problems. After raising four children and getting laid off a few times Sophia & Bobby amassed $92,746.96 in debt. They desperately hoped the bankruptcy attorneys would help them with a Chapter 7. 

According to Bobby, "At the first free consultation the bankruptcy attorney expalined the process in detail and went through the steps of filing Chapter 7". They needed a second chance and needed to discharge the debt to Cavalry Portfolio Services. The payment plans that Doyaga & Schaefer offered them made getting a second chance that much easier. 
After Bankruptcy they both felt "It is not as bad as people make you believe". Chapter 7 Bankruptcy permitted Sophia and Bobby to get Cavalry Portfolio services out of their life for good and focus on raising their teenagers.

Who Are Calvary Portfolio Services?

When you first search for Cavalry Portfolio Services on the Internet among the top results is “Stop Cavalry Portfolio: Is Cavalry Portfolio Harassing You?” and multiple websites with hundreds of complaints of their strong arm, illegal tactics. So, who is Cavalry Portfolio Services?
On their website they describe themselves as a company that “is a leader in the acquisition and management of non-performing consumer loan portfolios” that “helps people create affordable solutions to resolve their debt and is committed to providing customers with a professional experience.” What all that really means is they buy consumer debt from credit card companies. So, if you have an outstanding bill on, lets say, a Citibank credit card, Citibank will sell your debt for pennies on the dollar. Not only do they only spend about 15 cents for every dollar (max) that they buy they charge you, the consumer, for the full original debt plus the interest. So if they purchase a $1,000 debt they only spent $150 but are charging you $1,000 plus the interest to get them to stop harassing you. The best way to combat a company like Cavalry Portfolio Services is to exercise your rights under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Big Apple Bankruptcy has handled thousands of situations just like this, and you can certainly reach out to us so we can help you sort through your options!


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